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Die standing it's better than life on the knee
One end of the bitter is better than endless bitterness.

I am really sorry to come to Belgium, and my only wish is to leave.

I fled Iran because my life was in danger because of my faith, and in august 2001 I arrived healthy in Belgium.
I fled Iran because of the physical torturing and murder, but what I didn't knew was that I fled to a place where they destroy the people slowly; they call it the capital of democracy, they call it Belgium.

I'm not going to be quiet anymore: after 9 years of mental and spiritual torture I got my result: sickness!
I don't care what will happen, I just know it's the right time to tell what is happening here.

All I ever wanted, when I came to Belgium, was to continue my life, start a family, be usefull for the community and teach martial arts. But they blocked me in every way, they destroyed my hopes, and all I care for. All they want me to do is to take money from the OCMW (social service) and to stay in my house, while they work on my papers ... for 9 years. Even still now they are taking 12.50 euros from my account each month to pay for their thinking about my case. I went to Brussels (now my dossier is in the CCE-RVV) and asked them: how much are you thinking about my case, if it is taking 9 years so far without a result?
This government made me take the money of the belgians and they forbid me to work. This way I cannot live, it is shameful for me to have a life like this, locked up in a house. It is shameful for me, and it is shameful for the belgian government that they act like this. I hope that, if they even look at this case, they change their ways and never do this to a person again.

I know (and I saw) a lot of things from other refugees, especially Iranian, that they get a heart attack or other problems because of the stress, problems, pain and suffering they got from the Belgian government. For example, I saw with my own eyes a girl who cut her own wrist because of her situation, and the police immediately took her away ( not for her own safety, but to minimize the public attention !), I saw that ..., but I can't talk about these cases such as this one very much because the first off all I don't have any prove for this, and secondly a lot of people are afraid to come public and say the truth about their situation, and maybe they are right! But I'm am telling.
And now that I started to explain this, I am going to continue untill the end of the road...
Here, I have nothing to lose.
What I shouldn't have lost, I lost already...
Nine years of my life, my energy, my spiritual and physical health, all things of importance for anyone's life that are broken through the government and its organisations.
What else do they want to do with me ? Cuff me?! Put me in jail, make me a prisoner ?!
Cut my internet and my telephone?! Which they have done already for a period of time: in 2006 the government illegally cuffed my brother and sent him back and forth twice to Turkey and Belgium,this was shown on TV; I recorded this, for watching this video Click Here. Because I didn't agree with how they treated him, they cut my telephone.

Here are the Images from two Newspapers : Picture 1 , Picture 2

Well, ofcourse this is the capital of the democracy! And maybe they can do all of this because I am bringing this to the public, I'm bringing this to the public because I asked help for the problems the government and its organisations gave me and they just don't help me, they make it worse.

Since 2002 they consciously made my body sick, made my mind depressed, which they kindly tried to fix with a lot of medicines. Well, that gave a little help, but since 2008 until now, they made my soul sick, which cannot be cured by medicines. Only being far away from the grasp of this government and its personnel ( from the top until the bottom) and safe from them will cure me.
Nine years I asked them to stop the ignoring of my documents and my life situation, nine years I asked them to fix my problems, to stop ignoring me, to stop this torture ...
But the only result of my asking, was an even worse reaction!
When in 2003 I was in a very bad spiritual and physical situation, my doctor wrote a letter to the belgian government, in which he asked to change my residence and situation of my life,but the only answer of them was not responding (continuing to ignore me)! One time I could join the Iranian demonstration in Brussels and Ghent and through this way I finally got a permission to change my residence. ( you can see some pictures from that demonstration , Click here )
When in 2008 my health became worse, my doctor wrote me a letter to the government to help me. He told me to go with this letter to the commissary, but I would not do this because I already knew how they would react; my doctor didn't believe me. In a very humanitary way he told me that he would come with me to Brussels. When we were there he told me to go with the letter and tell them my problem, while he was looking from far. And he saw that instead of helping me they just wanted to throw me out violently. When they saw that he came inside, they immediately became friendlier and changed their way of interacting with me. But in the end, again, nothing changed for my case!

Indeed, I don't know how we should call this government that doesn't care about the life and the worries of it's people?!
I just leave the answer to you ...

I escaped from Iran that I can be free and continue my life, but the only thing I didn't found here was freedom.
They even don't let me to get married (although all my documents prove that I am single and that I can get married) and if I ask why, their answer is:
"the boss decided this!"

In Iran I couldn't choose my beliefs and I didn't have freedom of speech, but I had freedom. But here? Here, I don't even have the permission to travel! I don't even have the permission to teach my knowledge in martial arts !
I don't even have the permission the have my correct family name on my ID card ! I don't even ...
And for all of this, they give me just one reason; or they say "the boss decided this" or "the computer says you can't."

The interesting thing is that every computer here, in any organization, that belongs to the government, has different information about me!
What an interesting order and harmony. (For example in january 2009 when I got my white card, which means a permission to stay in Belgium, I went to the passport office, and I asked them my passport. They answered:" we are sorry but you are not registered in our computer as a political refugee." When I came back to the municipality (gemeentehuis) I asked them: "do you see my name in your political refugee list?" They say: "Yes, we do.")

Indeed Belgium is the capital of democracy! Congratulations to the Belgian government !!!
I have nothing to say to them, right now I'm asking to the united nations: why is this country, that doesn't care about the health, life and medical record of its people, accepting the refugees?!
In America and other European countries the government cares about the health of the animals, but here they don't even care about the health and worries of the refugees, they terrorise their personal developement.

For those people who don't understand the meaning of spiritual torturing:
If I want to fully explain this, I would need to write a book, and maybe I will. But as an example and a short summary of my case:
It's unbelievable, but it's true, the government blocked me from everywhere. And sometimes I don't know if I am a refugee or captive.
When I came in Belgium, they misspelled my family name, and they didn't write down my day and month of birth (they wrote 00-00-...).
And when this came on my papers I asked why they did this. Their answer was that the translator made a mistake ...
I asked them, why do I need to pay for your mistakes?
For about 8 years I fought to change my birthday and family name, but still it was the same.
About this case, I ask you, and I leave the answer to you:
If the translator made a "mistake" like this, could he not also have written "mistakes" about my life in Iran and my situation?
But they don't care.
In january 2009 I got my white card, and they corrected my day of birth. But still my family name was spelled wrong.
Eight years of fighting to just correct my day of birth ?!

When I came to Ghent and joined the demonstration to get my orange card, they wrote 02-00-... on my sis-card, ...
They just keep blocking me, they just keep making "mistakes."
Everytime I went to the hospital or doctor, I had to explain this incorrect date of birth (actually I am born on the first of July). It made me so nervous, and full of stress.
But they just didn't care.

In 2010, when I told them I didn't want a mutuality anymore, they told me now everything is fine; you are registered and you have your correct birthday.

It was a very hard and dangerous road from Iran to Belgium, but when they interviewed me, they didn't even ask me how I came.
From the beginning, everything was just a formality. When I got sick in the Walloon region (I lived in Martelange), my doctor wrote a letter for the government, so that I could change my residence, because he saw the results of the hospital inspection; I had a depression and a ulcer. But the government didn't respond!

When I was talking to the administration in Martelange, I said I wanted to be active, I want to work, and I can't and it's making me sick.
They told me I don't need to work; we give you money, so just stay home and watch TV.

I will stop here, because I could write a full book with examples like these. There is just one more case I wish to share.
In the Walloon region they didn't want me to work, in Flanders they don't let me work.
I wrote letters to Bloso(Flemish federation of sport) and showed them my diploma (4th dan) in martial arts, so I could work. But in the end, after 4 months of playing with me, of sending letters, nothing changed, I couldn't work. Apparently I was not good enough for Belgium.
Imagine that you have 4th dan in kung fu toa (the highest in all of europe) and that they don't let you teach, they don't want you to work legally, they just want you to take money from the OCMW (social service) and sit at home and watch television.

In this 9 years I only saw rejection, denial and the ignoring of my problems. The central federation of kung fu toa (in Iran) proposed me to be the agency here in Belgium, they sent a document to me, but in Belgium they never let me to teach officialy and to make a team. In 2005 without any support of the belgian government and the Bloso federation, illegally until april 2009 I had a class in the capitol academy, and as I could, I helped others (a lot of my students are witnesses of this).
In april 2009 for a lot spiritual and physical pain that I had from the hurting from the belgian government or any of their organisations (like commissary, municipality, ...) (A commissary is someone delegated by a superior to execute a duty or an office; in a formal, legal context, one who has received power from a legitimate superior authority to pass judgment in a certain cause or to take...)
and because of their denial of my problems I had to close the class. I wanted to have one of the best kung fu toa teams in the world for Belgium, I wanted personally to represent Belgium in the world wide championship. But they never gave me the opportunity, the only thing I got was being the witness of their ignorance.
They didn't even gave any proof to me that they are rejecting me, they just don't respond.

At least a lot of my students were witnesses that in 2009-2010 twice from world wide championship in Italy they sent me an invitation. But the Belgian government didn't even give me a travel pass so I could go. And they told me; or you can go illegal, or you can go and take a passport from the Iranian ambassador. And I told them, don't you understand I am a political refugee, I can't go over there. You know that, but again you push me to go there.
I want to thank all of my students whom I taught during 3 years, and wish them the best.

Do you see, how usefull I could have been to this country, but its government ignores me and blocks me in every way.
Right now, with all my pain, I'm training in a park, in any weather, because I don't want to open a illegal class, because I'm not a criminal, I am a sportsman.

Now it's to late to solve any of my problems in Belgium, during this 9 years through the wrong system of the Belgian government I lost the most important things of my life (my time, my energy and my health).
The only thing I need right now, is going away of Belgium.

Now do you understand, why I say that in the Walloon region they don't want me to work, and in Flanders they don't let me work?
Yes, it's true that in Flanders they believe in work and being active, but they don't believe it to be so for the foreigners. For them they want him to work clean or build houses illegally, no matter what profession you have, even if you were Bruce Lee or Chakie Chan or...
In Belgium we don't even have a lawyer that defends your case, and everybody who lives in Belgium knows this is true. Every lawyer is for the formality, and I believe this 100 percent.
the hurting of the organisations from the government, and not responding for my dossier, after all of these years made me from a active and usefull sportsman for the community and its people to a depressed man, a recluse, with a lot of spiritual and physical pain.

I am really sorry to come to this country, and my only wish is to leave.

(If I need a passport I need to go to the Iranian ambassador in Belgium. But because I can't (I am a political refugee), we sent a letter. And a representative guaranteed me that if they didnt respond I would get a passport anyway.)

Before I finish this letter, I just want to say that in the end of 2009 one representative of the government told me he was going to help me to get a passport, but first of all he had to write a letter to the Iranian consulate so it became sure I was never there. And I told him, if you really want to help me, do this! And he told me ofcourse I am going to help you ! I have a copy of this letter, in which he gave my first name and my family name to the Iranian ambassador, and asked them to answer if I was never there or not. For 2 months the Iranian consulate didn't answer. When I asked the representative what happened, he told me they were busy and they were going to give me the answer in january 2010. And nothing happened. When again I asked the representative what happened, he called again, and they said they couldn't give an answer, they said they neither say yes or no. So we went together to the passport office in Gent (Ghent) and they told him (the representative) that he has to go to the Iranian ambassador and ask them why. And after 2 weeks he didnt even call me. He sent one sms (mobile phone message) to me, in wich he told: “ sorry I cannot help you, you have to go to the Iranian ambassador and apply myself there, and ask them to give a paper to me, that you never was there!!! ”
They just introduce me to the Iranian consulate, and then leave me. This is not humanity way.

With all of my problems and my pains, when I saw that they gave my information to the Iranian consulate (when they got your name, they can find any information about you) so I say that the consulate knows everything about me, I have nothing else more to hide, so I'm going to share this with everybody.

note: I have to mention that in this letter I'm not talking to the Belgian government, I have nothing to talk with them about. What I wanted to tell them I tried during this 9 years, with no result. I am aware of the belgian politics, not only I don't have anything to talk with them about, I want nothing from them anymore! I don't want them to solve my problem anymore, I don't want them to give me a passport anymore, I just want to leave and nothing else ...

So, belgian people, be aware, that afterwards don't believe the government if they tell you that Nader uses the extortion/blackmail (chantage/afpersing)!
No, not at all, I only want to give my voice to all the people in the world (and also sportsmen), so the belgian people know what is happening here. I have nothing to say and no wishes for the representatives of Belgium, and my only wish from the human rights organisations is that they care about my physical and spiritual situation and my life, and save me from here, because I am in a very bad situation.

One thing is for sure: all these problems can not be accidentaly. There is a great harmony between the belgian government's organisations that take orders from one place, that decides for the belgian people, the refugees, everybody.
My problems are not with the Belgian people, nor with it's organisations, but with the people who decide what the organisations are doing.

Now that I wrote this, I feel much better.


I finish this part with beautifull words from Jesus:

But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne:Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
Matthew 5 : 34-37
I am just proving my case without swearing, without "attacking" anyone.

To the Belgian people: know that I am not afraid to write this summary of the truth about the Belgian government. But please know that I don't hold a grudge against the Belgian people. I love your kindness and your understanding. Every person who I explained my story to, showed much sympathy and felt sorry for the way their government treats me. I apologize that I have to speak bad about your government, although I like its peaceful and lovely people, and I feel sorry I have to leave them because I can't live with this torturing government. bad memories (being a toy and watching my life being destroyed slowly during 9 years)



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