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About me
I am Iranian and I started training martial arts since I was about ten years old. During my training I had the honor of meeting a lot of great teachers and fighters (some of them in person, others through books) from whom I learned a lot, which I am thankful for. But I never had a fixed teacher for a long period of time. What I learned and what I am teaching now is the result of my physical and spiritual training.
When I was seventeen years old I started fighting professionally and three years later I started to teach what I learned. Always I wanted to learn more about myself, and because of the training I found and learned many amazing things. During this way I also wanted to help others to gain self-confidence, self- development and learn them how to help themselves. I believe in peace.
Since I started teaching my goal is to develop the people in a way that they are useful for the community and for mankind.
Aside from teaching martial arts I studied metaphysics and spiritual science, which I use to help a lot of people for self- defense but also to help them in gaining confidence so they can have a better life for themselves and for others.
After all these years of training martial arts, deeply I feel I'm student in Martial Arts.
I am student in martial arts and also teacher.

Peace be with you.

With Respect


About Kung Fu - To'a

Professor Ibrahim Mirzaii developed kung fu toa.

Kung fu toa is one of the most beautiful and hardest styles in martial arts.
The techniques are based on circular movements and the training requires a combination of the mind, body and spirit.
All the joints and muscles are being utilized during the training.

By practicing kung fu toa students learn how to get fit, acquire the techniques of positive thinking, and apply their progress to their daily life. This is the road to a healthy society where every human is the valuable to their community.

Around 1985 professor Ibrahim Mirzaii changed his way from spiritual and physical teaching to politics and religion;
I don't know why he changed his ways, and I am not in the position to judge him, but what I know is that since that time (with all respect I had and have for him) I just continued the forms, techniques and the style of kung fu toa, including the other exercises, such as mixed fighting, free fighting and spiritual training.

In kung fu to'a the key emphasis are Meditation, Respect, Self-discipline, Physical training, Self-defense, Positive thinking, Self-Confidence and Self-discovery.



About ( Jeetaiki )

As I know, professor Mirzaii never taught how to fight anybody. What I learned from kung fu toa as a martial art (before it became political and religious) were forms (kata's), very beautiful, scientific and hard exercises and ideal impact, and also classic fighting . (I want to emphasise that what I am saying is not meant to bring down the valuable and magnificent work of the founder of kung fu toa, even he himself said, in his last days in Iran, he never taught the way of fighting to anybody).

I wanted to fulfill the voids of the fight-training, so I could obtain quick reactions in a fight.
I was looking for various fighting methods and the result of my research and study made me sure about the scientific and practical aspects of the methods I found, and since 1990 I taught these methods to my students.

What name this style has doesn't matter, maybe the name changes in the future, the important thing is the way we found it and we use it.

If you ask me: "what is this way of fighting? which style are you teaching?"
The only thing I can respond is: "The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao, the name that can be named is not the eternal Name."

Indeed naming this way of fighting is difficult, but if I have to call it something, I would call it the way of everything and nothing, each mode and no mode ...
What I can say in words is that the spiritual exercise has a specific place in the fighting training.

What I say to my students is: "If you think this way is practical and useful for you in a fight, well then it will. If you think it doesn't help you, you can search and develop the fighting techniques that you feel are useful for yourself.”

Because even with my own methods I just want to help the students to find their own way.

We aren't born as a fighter in this world, for being a good fighter, you must want to become one and train (again and again and again ...). Of course the role of a guide has much importance.
And more important than everything else is knowing that in martial arts any style of fighting we learn and exercise is not only for the art of fighting and self-defense, but also for spiritual growth. Anyway, this is my way that I share with my students: everybody can have his own and personal style, but the important question everybody must ask himself is : "Is this method, that I choose for my way of fighting, in the necessary times, useful and practical?"

Except of the fighting part, I exercise and teach kung fu toa, because I love this style, but deeply, I respect all martial arts and martial artists in any style, and I believe every style can be one of the best if the follower does it in the correct way.

No style is better than another and it's important we don't forget what Gichin Funakoshi founder of Shotokan Karate said:
"it's the human who makes the art, not the art who makes the human!"

The martial arts are all a different way to the top of the same mountain, who's peak is the world of peace and love.

About Fighters

When people hear the word 'fighter', they generally think about big agressive people. But this is not correct.

During the training I had the honor to know and meet a lot of great fighters, and now I just share my experience and my opinion about fighters with you:
- the most fighters don't have a great physique of muscles

- a real fighter is never an aggressor, because he doesn't have a weak mind and spirit

- a real fighter is always full of love to others, and helpfull

- a real fighter deeply respects others
- a real fighter never fights to prove he is superior, but he sees his opponent as a mirror. Only then he can know more about himself. In fact in martial arts competition doesn't have a meaning, instead everybody is moving in his own way to know himself better and to be closer to his inner essence, and even if there is any kind of competition in martial arts it is done to obtain revision, and because of this a real fighter deeply respects and loves his opponent, because he is not looking at him as an enemy, but as a step in his progress.

- after gaining fighting experience a real fighter sees that he never has an enemy outside himself; his real enemies are inside of him, like fear, jealousy, doubt, an inferiority complex, …

- a real fighter only uses his techniques for self-defense or to defend the helpless

- a real fighter is aware that being a fighter is not about talking, but about training, training and more training, and because of all the fighting in the dojo (place of training) he doesn't need to fight outside; secondly he doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, and even if he is supposed to prove something to someone, that “someone” is just himself, because he learned in martial arts that he is the center of his world and that he is walking his own way.
- a real fighter never cares about posture, weight, age... for himself or his opponent(s) and never thinks about this, because he is aware: "the spirit of the fighter is fighting!"

Remember that :

a martial artist must be good at fighting and in self-defense, but martial arts is not only the art of fighting; martial arts is a circle with 360° from which 1° is the art of fighting.
And finally :

a real fighter is a human with a clean and healthy mind, and full of love ; love to them-self, love to the humans and the community, love to the life, love to the nature, love to God and universe, ...
They are such a person that if they live in any kind of community they are useful, because unlike their fighting skills, they are not interested in fighting others! Because they are aware of the result of a fight, and if they don't have to, they will fight.

They are always thinking of peace.

Everybody can kick and punch, everybody can fight! But the art of fighting and raising the mind and soul through the physical and spiritual training is something else; so if you see rude and violent people with impure thoughts who are inhumane ( it doesn't matter which kind of strike they know, which physique they have,... ) you must know he is not a real fighter, but a human with a very weak mind and soul.
Someone asked Bruce Lee: "What is your success in the fighting?"

He answered: " I love my opponent !"
"A real martial artist has a great heart and spirit."

Training Process
My training schedule


- Dynamic: for example saying mantra or doing something with concentration, like the art of Zen while using the sword, the art of Zen of making the tea, ...

- Static: in silence with an empty mind (through breathing and listening to ourselves)


- Stretching

- Balance
- Aerobic - Stamina


- Strenght
- Impact gymnastic


- beating (thrash)
- burning (slap)


- Single movements (strikes)
- Forms (Kata's)

- Self-defense

*Tactic: doing the techniques and training fight strategys

- alone

- with a practice opponent


1) Non-contact

- as stretching (warm-up)

- normal
2) Light contact
3) Semi-contact

4) Full contact

( 2,3 and 4 contain punching only, kicking only, grappling only or combinations like punching and grappling, punching and kicking, kicking and grappling, and finally a mix of these 3 together)

*Weapons : Nunchaku, Stick, Sword, Sai, ... (only for high level fighters, because you need to control your body first)

*** In my class; Relaxation, Reiki and Yumeiho-Do are mandatory because this has a great effect on the health of the body and the soul of the student. These courses are being taught during the fighting lessons.

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